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This holiday season, make festivities merry and bright with these 3 spirits: Brandy, Tequila, and Vodka. Right now I'm loving all things CÎROC.


If your guests need something simple and smooth, this French brandy is perfect. Specially crafted from fine grapes from the South of France, Ciroc VS is a modern take on an all-time classic. Serve neat.

DeLeón Añejo is aged to perfection. Made from the finest 100% highland blue weber agave, slow roasted for remarkable depth and complexity. Blending the art of Tequila with mastery of French wine making, DeLeón Añejo is aged for over a year, first in American Oak barrels and finished in French Oak wine casks. The result is a full-bodied tequila with notes of rich vanilla, caramel, sweet oak and subtle dried fruit.

Try an easy tequila soda lime: 2 shots of DELEÓN AÑEJO tequila, plus club soda, over ice. Squeeze one lime over cocktail. Add slice of lime for garnish.

The vodka is masterfully infused with a distinctive blend of Black Raspberry and other natural flavors. The product is finished off with a citrus zest flavor resulting in a smooth velvety finish.

Try a festive Black Raspberry Sparkler: 2 shots of CÎROC BLACK RASPBERRY vodka, club soda, splash of cranberry juice, over ice. Add fresh cranberries for garnish.

Please always drink safely and responsibly. Cheers and Happy Holidays!

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