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Watermelon is not only an essential summertime snack--refreshing, hydrating, and nutritious--your favorite water-packed fruit is the perfect ingredient to start including in your beauty routine! Proven to increase blood circulation, inspire a healthy gut, and treat the signs of aging, its benefits go far beyond just curing a sweet tooth and keeping you cool all summer.

The buzz around this red-hued melon was too big to ignore, so I've rounded up the four easiest products you can start adding to your regimen ASAP.

Say goodbye to brush time negotiations, and hello to fluoride free natural watermelon toothpaste and new mouthwash for kids from Hello “Naturally Friendly” Oral Care. It tastes so delicious, kids will rush to brush!

Watermelon Seed Oil is rich in many properties and not only works as a magical moisturizer, but also a skin healer. Vitamins A, B, & E aren't the only natural components that make up this oil - it also includes Linoleic and Oleic acid. Long story short, use this to heal dry elbows, ankles, feet and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

A hassle-free serum stick that evens skin tone and reduces fine lines. Easy to apply, just swipe it over your clean, dry face and follow up with your go to moisturizer for a powerful hydration that'll last all day.

4. DIY Sugar Scrub

Gather up a few ingredients you already have in your home to moisturize, exfoliate, and bring life back into dull skin. All you need is sugar, sliced watermelon, and basil. Mix your basil and watermelon in the blender until smooth, then simply add the sugar and you are golden!

Pro Tip: Always make sure to add the sugar after you blend the other ingredients so that it maintains its grit for the ultimate exfoliation.

Enjoy all of these yummy watermelon beauty essentials and have a gorgeous summer!

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