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Whether you're jet-setting off to Greece (can I go with?) or heading up the coast on a fun road trip, make sure to pack these must-haves!

TSA-Friendly Beauty

Skinn Cosmetics is my go-to when it comes to packing little luxuries--quality skincare and beauty essentials in the perfect flight-friendly sizes.

R&R Essential

I'm obsessed with T Spheres. These are rubber compound massage balls that are infused with incredible essential oils (tons of scents to choose from, but my favorite is lavender). Use to massage out those kinks you get while traveling and enjoy the rest & relaxation of your own spa-like experience in the car, plane, hotel room, or even in the bath tub!

Comfy Cozy Loungewear

I have to be as comfortable as possible when I'm on a plane and for some reason, it's always SO COLD mid-flight. My solution: gorgeous, soft, and wrinkle-free cardigans from B Collection by Bobeau--these basics are anything but basic.

If you're flying international, those are some LONG flights to be wearing jeans or anything that doesn't breathe. Check out LA-based brand Raven And Crow for some serious comfies. They're PJ's are 70% bamboo and 30% cotton (and super cute).

Packing Made Easy

Bye, bye flimsy sandwich bags. It's time to upgrade to Zip Tucks from Full Circle Home. These durable, air-tight lock, leak-proof clear packing bags also come in stylish chevron print (there's also a fun kids' line) and they are reusable!

Light & Fresh Makeup

Sure, I'd like to think going make-up free is always possible, but let's be honest: IT'S NOT. Sometimes a girl needs some help looking "flawless". Enter: Clinique's new BIY "Blend It Yourself" Pigment Drops. Add one or two drops of the tinted formula to your favorite moisturizer and you have yourself the perfect dewy, light makeup for travel.

Hands-down, you need Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF 50 Brush-On Sunscreen in your life (traveling or not). Comes in a variety of colors so you get great powdered make-up coverage, plus the sun coverage. Easy to pack and also comes in a translucent color, so guys you can get in on the action too.

Mid-Flight Refresher

I never go anywhere without my Biore Daily Deep Pore Cleansing Cloths. Sometimes I don't always like to pack a facial cleanser for fear of it spilling mid-flight and getting all over my clothes and shoes (that always seems to happen to me, anyone else?), so these refreshing wipes are my secret, mess-free weapon to keeping my skin clean and clear when I'm on the go.

Stay Safe & Secure Online

If you're traveling, you'll want to download this app. Security Master is the highest rated security app that provides real-time, scenario-oriented protection for any Android device, and conducts live device diagnostics, classifies the conditions, and recommends solutions to optimize your phone. The apps “SafeConnect” feature enhances internet security on your phone by encrypting online data and protecting apps, such as banking and instant messaging, that contain personal and sensitive information (what, like it's hard?).

Road Trip Snacks

Confession: I can't stop eating the Ranch Fava Crisps from World Peas (prepare to get addicted). I feel just fine about it too. They are GOOD for you! Natural, GMO-free snacks that are trans fat and cholesterol free, not to mention rich in protein and high in fiber. Ditch the junky, gas station snacks on your road trip and load up on these healthy snacks instead. Oh, they also come in BBQ and Vinegar flavors--delish.

Wine To-Go Stackable wine glasses already full of vino? Yes, please! Electric Sky Wine is answering our packing prayers with their 4 plastic, stackable glasses of red, white, or rosé wine that you can take with you camping, to the beach, concert or wherever you choose to indulge.

Happy and Safe Traveling!



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