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I LOVE YOU, MAN: Valentine's Day Gifts for Guys

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and this time, I've got the guys covered. Romance is in the air and your man will love you even more if you get him something he will actually LOVE.

One of my go-to's when it comes to gifting guys is The Dollar Shave Club. This affordable subscription based delivery system sends you razors, shaving cream, and blades right to your front door. It's affordable, simple, and as easy as can be. Now, they have upped the ante and recently launched their own skincare line called Big Cloud--includes Daily Face Moisturizer with Sunscreen, Good Shake Hand Cream, and Wind Master Mint Leaf Lip Balm. Now that's a smooth move. Onto to some more traditional gifts...

You really can't go wrong with a classic gift like a tie or cufflinks. Every man could add a new accessory into his every day style. I love this cufflink and tie set I found at JC Penney. So dapper (on sale now!).

Just like we ladies feel extra put-together when our bras and panties match (I honestly feel like I run the world when this happens), Related Garments now has the dudes covered (literally). We're talking matching socks and underwear, so your man can undress to impress.

For your dreamboat of a man who always smells fresh and clean, Nautica Voyage cologne will definitely make a splash. The scent is sporty, sexy, and as masculine as they come.

More men these days are taking their grooming very seriously. Thanks to brands like Monat, it's becoming much easier for gentlemen to look their best. Exclusively for Men, MONAT BLACK System includes: Black Men’s 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner, Black Cream Shave, Black Groom Styling Clay, Black Aftershave + Moisturizer. Smells amazing. Obsessed.

If you're ready to really make your beau happy for Valentine's Day, score him the new Keurig Kold. Perfect for his man cave, home gym, or office, this new technologically advanced system makes cocktails, sports drinks, sodas, and iced teas. With the touch of a button, drink is ready for sipping at a cool 39 degrees.

I'll be posting more gift ideas soon, but this should be a good start to shopping for the upcoming holiday. Happy Valentine's Day, lovers!



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