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I love my job. I get to try out the latest and greatest when it comes to skincare, haircare, makeup, and more. Sometimes though the amount of product can seriously pile up and I need to call in for reinforcements!

This Go-To Girlfriend goes to my own girlfriends for the real-deal, no non-sense reviews of all these delicious beauty goodies. This time around, I sought out the help from my friend Heather. She is so amazingly honest. Here are her thoughts, suggestions, and tips for some of the latest items you might see at Sephora, Ulta, or your nearest drug store.

Keeping on the hair train, next up is It's a 10 plus Keratin. Heather's thoughts: "Of all the It's a 10 products, this is my fav. I feel like it's a bit lighter than the original product (which I appreciate because my hair is thin and can be weighed down easily), so I spray it from top to bottom of my hair. It's also my new go-to because of the scent, which is sexier and warmer than the original. The "silk express" product has an earthy floral type scent (but I prefer the scent of this one) and the "light" product smells the same as the original.

Let's move on to one of the biggest beauty trends du jour: green eye liner. It's a fun, new way to make those peepers pop, but the key is to get the right shade so you don't end up looking scary. We want others to be green with envy over your look. Heather tested out They're Real Push-Up Line from Benefit (Green): "Such a good color, not too Kelly green and not too olive green - just right. The applicator makes lining your eyes fool-proof! I had to press down a bit hard at certain angles and when thickening the line, but it's a way safer bet than liquid liner." (Side note: Heather was wearing the liner at an event we were at last week in LA and it seriously looked amazing.)

Heather says she's currently moving on to skincare...trying out tons of masks and can't wait to share her thoughts. Until next time!


The Go-To Girlfriend

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