Consider Me a "Barbie Girl"

If this is what Barbie is all about now, then consider me a Barbie Girl. In a world full of pressure to be beautiful, flawless, and perfect, this is one of the most refreshing and authentic campaigns I have seen in awhile. I remember being young and playing with my Barbie doll and not looking a thing like freckles, not short, and definitely didn't have her rack---it was confusing and I determined at that young age,that THAT is what "beautiful" was. Boy, was I wrong. Thank God I have parents who instilled the right definition of beauty in me. I'm excited for the future young ladies who get to have a totally real and different experience today. Playing with dolls seems like such a mindless and simple activity, but it is truly when a little girl develops her imagination, creativity and begins forming her sense of self. Well done, Barbie and thank you!

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