So Long, Summer... School Is In Session!

Time to say “good bye” to our bikinis and the scent of coconut sunscreen and “hello” to new backpacks and the smell of freshly sharpened number two pencils. I may be a summer, beach girl at heart, but there’s something exciting about “back-to-school” time—likely because my Mom turned it into an excuse to go shopping. And, let me tell you something, I never say “no” to a solid shopping spree.

I’ve picked some of my all time favorite essentials for headed back to the classroom at any age!

The cool nerd in me is obsessed with being organized and my go-to for keeping it stylish, while keeping it together is none other than Erin Condren. The “Life Planner” is everything and you can customize the cover. Cute & practical, jot down class notes in style. Create-your-own-cover option - upload your favorite photo to personalize your cover. Pair the notebook with a colorful pack of pens and you’re set.

Heads up, mamas! Have you heard of Mabel’s Labels? Genius. Get on this customized sticker train stat. The “Lost & Found” area is where no one wants to be searching through missing shirts, shoes, notebooks, and lunch boxes. Solution? Label everything (label your child if you need to…go ahead put a sticker on his forehead—kidding). Mabel’s Labels has you covered for any situation.

When I was young, I needed to feel as though I was in charge of my wardrobe every day…even in kindergarten. It’s about having the power (or thinking I had the power). My mom would lay out three options for me and I would select the OOTD. For the kids in the same boat, Chooze is the best thing ever. The brand itself fosters confidence and creativity in kids, empowering them with the option to mix and match colors and patterns. Kids feel like they are really choozing their personal style (tantrum-free mornings). This year, in addition to their shoes, the backpacks are on point and cuter than ever.

In the same creative lane, we have U-Lace. This is literally the invention you see on Shark Tank and think to yourself, “Man! I totally thought of this at one point.” Well, U-Lace actually did it. U-Lace customizable elastic shoelaces transform your average shoes into one-of-a-kind kicks while turning them into slip-ons. Yeah, we all wish we thought of this.

Let’s talk about packing lunch or, rather…NOT packing lunch. My friends at the famous LA hot spot La Brea Bakery just introduced their Kids To-Go Lunches, making it easy on mom and dad who are rushing in the morning and don’t have time to make a healthy lunch for little Johnny. Complete with a sandwich, yam chips, and apple—La Brea Bakery is now your lunchtime hero.

popchips is one of my all time favorite snacks—so delicious and I never feel guilty while eating them. This year, they teamed up with Disney and created these super cute limited edition Star Wars and Frozen single serve multi-packs. Both the Star Wars and Frozen multipack will include 6 ct 0.8 oz bags of popchips two most popular flavors, Sea Salt and BBQ. If you pack these in your kid’s lunch, just be sure to warn them about the rules of lunchtime “tradesies” because everyone will be jonesing to trade their boring pretzel twists for this hot commodity. Available at Haggen Stores.

Now that we are full from lunch, it’s time to caffeinate! My friends at Keurig have

The coolest brewer right now—perfect for any dorm room. The new Keurig 2.0

K250 Brewer’s smaller, more compact brewer design ideal for dorm rooms, small

apartments, and tiny kitchens. Convenient brewing at the touch of a button makes

the K250 a dorm room staple to help with early AM classes and late

night studying and it comes in seven different colors. Would have

loved to have one of these in my sorority house in college. Snaps for Keurig!

Now, let’s get our grooming and beauty game in order. Whether it’s the

first day of middle school, high school, or college, clear skin is always in. For a limited time, the experts from Bioré skincare are bringing playful graphic prints to their Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. These playful graphic prints make the already satisfying process of de-junking your pores—now feel fashionable. Bioré Limited

Edition Deep Cleansing Pore Strips contain bonding agents that work like a magnet, locking onto and lifting out deep-down grime, oil and blackheads inside your pores. In just 10 minutes, these Back to School essentials will minimize the appearance of your pores revealing a healthier-looking complexion ($6.49 available at mass retailers and drugstores).

I’ve saved my favorite all-time, must-have for last: The Dollar Shave Club. This isn’t just for the dudes; chickadees need a convenient way to shave too. This is as simple as it gets and that’s why I love it. Go online, select your razor, and a goodie box of essentials for a freshly shaven look is delivered straight to your doorstep for just a few bucks a month. Um, yes, please and thank you, Dollar Shave Club!

That rounds out my round-up of Back-To-School Essentials for you. Now eat your veggies, get good sleep, make good choices, honey!

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