Yes, I Wear Work Out Clothes, Sometimes With Zero Intention of Actually Working Out

When I wear work out clothes, it means I'm telling the world: "I'm so active and my life is totally together," but we all know that most of time that's not true and you just want to be comfy at a boozy brunch on Sunday (can I get an amen?).

My latest favorites are below. I love them all because they're bright, fun, and they have really up'd my game when I'm running...errands. Seriously though, they are amazing to work out in and I am obsessed. Here are my top picks!

Just Live is so bold and promises to put a pep in your step. Let me tell you something, when you wear this work out wear, you need to own it. Have fun with these Expression Cropskin pants. Be prepared for people to ask where you got 'em. You will be turning heads.

Next up is a new line I discovered called Brick Betty. I have the green python leggings...and get this, they actually make my legs look thinner. You know how some work out pants just hug you in all the right places and you look and feel better? Well, these are Brick Betty. Soft, comfortable, stylish...and when I wore them to hot yoga I didn't get embarassing sweat stains. Go get these ASAP!

Last, but certainly not least is Vimmia...I LOVE everything from this brand. The fabric is high quality and the prints are to die for. Go for the floral...I'm telling you, you will love these and never take them off.

So, whether you're busting your booty in cycling or you're toasting the weekend with mimosas, feel like and look like you've really "got it together" with any of the above suggestions. Cheers!

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